Lea Nugteren

Hi there,

Born in Utrecht, moved to Nijmegen at the start of my first year and currently in my fourth year of AI (and basically also Computing Science), my name is Lea Nugteren and I’m 21 years old. This year, you might know me as the Chairman of Olympus.

Last year, I did a board year for CognAC as the Treasurer, however, one year was not enough for me. I liked the bèta atmosphere so much that I wanted to continue. After having to see so many euro signs all year long, Chairman seemed like a nice choice for me.
I make sure there are meetings with all associations and with my own board. If someone is too busy, I jump in to try and help. My board is the greatest support and as long as there is always a summary at the end of a discussion, my job is done.

Besides Olympus, I’m also still very active within CognAC. I try to help the current board to get through the year and I audit the Treasurer regularly. Moreover, I like to sport, watch series etc etc, all the normal stuff. After 16:00 chances are you will find me in one of the canteens, but I always like to keep busy. This never means I don’t have time for others!

So if you ever want to talk about whatever, are curious what Olympus or Chairman of Olympus is all about, if you have questions about BeestFeest or CognAC; come and find me! I’ll probably be in the Board Rooms or canteens or just in the Huygens building. You can also always text, call or e-mail me on zeus.olympus at science.ru.nl.

Emmy van Herpen

Hi everybody!

My name is Emmy van Herpen, I’m 20 years old, a third year MLS student and, most importantly, next year I will be the secretary of Olympus.

I came to Nijmegen in 2016 in the orientation and immediately I felt right at home at the study association from MLS: V.C.M.W. Sigma. I became an active member as soon as I could when I joined the party committee (ParTNT). At the end of my first year I also joined the acquisition committee.
During my second year I continued with these committees, but I knew something was missing from my student life as it was. That is when I decided to join the board of Olympus!

Next to my board I spend my free time sporting at the rsc, watching netflix (a lot), or hanging out with my friends. If you have a question you can find me walking around at the university, in the board rooms or canteens, or you could always send me a question at olympus at science.ru.nl

Lars van Rhijn


My name is Lars, 19 years old and a third years Computing Science student. This year I will fulfill the role of Treasurer at Olympus.

Well Lars, how did you end up at Olympus? That’s a really good question! Actually, I was never very active within my own study association Thalia or at Olympus. At the start of this year I felt like changing that and went searching for committees to join. That was when one of my friends pointed out that Olympus still needed board members and now here I am, part of the 23rd Olympus board.

As treasurer, I am in charge of the money within Olympus. I need to keep track of invoices and make sure we do not go bankrupt. I also organise some of the stuff that happens on BeestFeest (because we lack a commissioner of activities). There is a good chance you can spot me (being not drunk and very responsibly) at BeestFeest.

In my free time I like to play some games, drink some beers (or wine) with friends and go to the gym (as much as possible).

If you have any questions about Olympus/what it means to be treasurer/BeestFeest/(Thalia), you can ask me in person or contact me on hades.olympus at science.ru.nl.

Jesse van Son

Hey there everybody,

My name is Jesse, I am 21 years old and a fourth year Computing Science student. My hobbies are fitness, playing guitar, drinking beer and studying together with all the awesome people at the Faculty of Science.

But enough about me, what about Olympus? This year I will be the Chief of Faculty Affairs of Olympus, which means I am responsible for the canteens, boardrooms, and the contact between the Faculty and Olympus and its members (Faculty of Science Study Associations). This also means that I have to go after people if things go wrong or the canteens/board rooms are not properly used or cleaned, so watch out! 😉

I’ve also been active at Thalia, the Computing and Information Sciences Study Association, ever since I started studying. So within Olympus I also represent Thalia, as every board member of Olympus represents one of the member associations.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask me questions, you can probably find me in the board rooms/canteens/Mercator/RSC/TKB/Lecture room (very unlikely). If you cannot find me you can always send an email to hestia.olympus at science.ru.nl

Roy Hendricks

Hi all!

My name is Roy Hendricks and I am currently General Board Member of Olympus. I am 24 years old (yes I am old, I know) and I am a third-year mathematics student. I was born in Venlo and lived my whole life (untill i came to study here) in Panningen, a small village in north Limburg.

In high school I got my havo diploma, after that I started studying to become a math teacher (HBO). After 4 years of Bachelor I graduated and start working at a high school in Weert, I really liked it but I decided to continue studying. At that point I moved to Nijmegen to start the study of Mathematics. In my second year I became treasurer of W.S.V. Desda and after that board year I decided to do another one at Olympus.

When I have time left I like to chill with friends and have a (little) drink. I also have a sports subscription at RSC so I will be there a few times a week

If you have questions for me, you can regularly find me in the boardrooms. Otherwise you can mail me at demeter.olympus at science.ru.nl