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Olympus’ third lustrum is here!

Gotcha / Poaching season

Soon the whole faculty will become unsafe for us beta’s. On the 11th of april, the lustrum week and thereby the poaching season will start. A big game of gotcha will be played and hunters could be everywhere. Every participant will receive a target.The goal of the game is finding and shooting your target, without any other participant seeing. If you succeed, you receive the target of the person you killed. While you are off hunting, you are someone else’s prey as well, so keep a close eye on everyone! Because even you could get trapped. It’s going to be the survival of the fittest so make sure you sign up for the 7th of april!

Potluck lunch & games

A potluck lunch, the idea couldn’t be more simple: make something for lunch, bring it with you and get to taste many other people’s dishes! We will provide drinks and games. Come to our picnic on Saturday 13th of April from 12:00 till 17:00 in Brakkensteyn Park.


Join CognAC, desda, Leonardo and Thalia in a dodgeball tournament! This event is organized with the event committees of the above associations.

This event will happen on the 15th of April from 18:00 till 20:30 in Brakkensteyn Park.

Register for Dodgeball here


Join BeeVee, Marie Curie and Sigma in a hexathlon! This event is organized with the event committees of the above associations.

This event will happen on the 16th of April from 18:00 till 20:30 behind the Huygensbuilding.

Register for Hexathlon here

Night Owlympics

Wednesday evening, 17th of April, the FNWI associations will battle each other in the Noordstraat of the Huygens building. From 19:30 to 2:30 you can participate in many different activities, such as Laser tag, Mario Kart, Just Dance, Arts & Crafts and an Escape Room. There will also be a chess tournament (19:30-21:30), a beerpong tournament (21:30-23:30) and a tournament of the game Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (starting 23:30). For most of the activiteit you can just participate freely or subscribe during the evening. For chess, beerpong and the escape room it is also possible to reserve a spot via the links below. So are you a real Night Owl, have you always wanted to shoot laser pistols at the university or do you just want to show that your association is the best; then go to the Night Owlympics!

Chess tournament:

Beerpong tournament:

Escape Room:

May the best association win!

Petting Zoo

On thursday 18th of April, the final day of the lustrum week, there won’t be a very intense and active activity. Together with the Faculty Student Council FNWI we arranged an animal farm from 9:00 until 16:00 which is placed behind Huygens. So if you have some time in between classes, come and cuddle with these cute animals.