What is an association without conviviality? Nothing at all. That is why the ChimpanC is one of the most fundamental committees within Olympus. With the task of ensuring sociability and connection every day, a heavy burden rests on the shoulders of this committee. Nevertheless, the committee always manages to do so, through three core activities: visiting ‘borrels’ of Olympus member associations and livening up where extinct; organising ‘borreltochten’, to make sure no member association is forgotten when there are lots of drinks at the same time; and when there are no ‘borrels’, taking the lead themselves with the help of the beer fridge in South or a fraternising game of Flunkyball. For more informatie see the anthem. The ChimpanC is run by the following members:


  • Kiki Mes (Sigma) – Borrelleader
  • Hazal Do─čan (BeeVee) – Borrelsecretary
  • Allart de Kroon (Desda) – Borreltreasurer
  • Tren Jacobs (Marie Curie) – Commissioner Ambience Reign
  • Sander Hoefsloot (Marie Curie) – Commissioner Carlo & Co
  • Tjibbe Gottmer (Marie Curie) – Commissioner Buddycheck
  • Mandy Lammers (BBB) – Commissioner Borrelplanner
  • Steyn Navis (Desda) – Commissioner Borrelplanning
  • Michiel van Schie (BeeVee) – Commissioner Mismanagement
  • Job van Hussen (Marie Curie) – Commissioner Expensiveness
  • Tim Jetten (Marie Curie) – Commissioner Eco Matters
  • Lucas Baakman (BeeVee) – Commissioner None
  • Cis van Aken (CognAC) – Commissioner Nothing
  • Siemen van Osch (Marie Curie) – Apevisory Council


If you are interested in joining the ChimpanC, would like to join for a day, or have any other questions or comments, please email to