Promotion of external activities

Everyone wants their activities to be well attended of course. Therefore activities need to be known to the students. For that there are several opportunities, here you can find an overview with some tips


In the building there are several display boards where posters can be affixed to, you can’t miss them. Remove outdated posters instead of placing yours on top of a new one. Just think of others when you place yours. In the canteens every study association has a fixed share on the notice-board.

When printing, use a good printer, 1240×1754 pixels is a proper size for an A3 sized poster.


In the Huygens building it is not permitted to distribute flyers; this includes the bike cellar (except with permission of the faculty board). There are allocated trays were flyers can be placed in, they should be handed to the porter. Usually distributing flyers is not the best promotion.

Login screens

On the login screens of the computers in the Huygens building there are seven images for upcoming activities. To place your image there, you can send it to also stating the association and the date of removal. Send a .jpg or .png-image of 400×280 pixels and keep in mind that availability is limited. Members of Olympus have priority.

Olympusscreen (Olympusscherm)

The olympusscreen is suspended above the stairs in front of the canteens. Images can be send to as 1920×1080 pixels .jpg-images also stating the study association and date of removal.

Screens across the general hallway (Kabelkrant)

In the central halls of the Huygens building you can find several screens showing informational slides. On them, images from study associations can be placed as well. Send them as a 1920×1080 pixels .jpg-image to also stating the association and date of removal.

Mercator screen

The screens at the first and ground floor of the Mercator 1 building are maintained by Thalia. Also here 1920x1080p .jpg‘s are required. They can be sent to

Faculty of Science newsletter

The Communication Department sends a monthly opt-out newsletter to all FNWI students. Activities that are also interesting to students from other studies can be incorporated herein. Send details and notes to


Don’t forget that the newsletter of your own study association is definitely the most effective way of promoting activities for people within your study.

If you have any suggestions for promotion opportunities that are lacking in this overview, don’t hesitate to mail Olympus at