Olympus’s Fourth lustrum is here!

Welcome honoured guest! We are so happy to see you have an interest in the Olympus Lustrum. We have a week of truly wonderful activities. This website will serve as your own god of travel as you traverse this week full of adventure. Down here you can find all the information about each activity, their costs, time and place and how to sign up.

We wish you the best Olympus lustrum!

May the gods bless you,

– LustrumC

How to sign up for activities

You can always sign up using this link: Sign-up link
Sign up opens Monday 18th 13:00.
All activities that require a sign up will have a sign up link at the bottem of the information text. For some activities you will recieve a follow up email with more information.

The following activities Sign up window via we ticket has closed:

Aphrodite’s matchmaking& The artimis Hunting gotcha.

If you still wish to participate you can look at the activity description

The Artemis Hunting Gotcha (week long)

Are you as sneaky as Odysseus when he got into the walls of Troy and would you like to show that off? Then join The Artemis Hunting Gotcha and silently take down all your fellow students to climb to the top and win a prize!!! 

If you wish to still partake you have until april 11th to mail hades.olympus@science.ru.nl the form to register. Pick up your gun at the Beer stock borrel 

BBB lunch lecture (15-4-24 12:30-13:15)

For some time, the BBB was at a loss for the lunch lecture. Where could they find a speaker that could reach the hearts of all the FNWI students? They prayed day and night to wise Athena, hoping to receive her guidance…

Until finally, as if by divine intervention from Athena herself, they met their speaker: Mitra Gilasgar, a powerful woman working on the front lines of high power transistor research, working for Ampleon here in Nijmegen. Native to Iran, she carved her own path with hard work and determination.

Yes… She would be the one. She would strike the hearts of all students, lift their spirits with her tale of success, and encourage them to remain on their own odysseys, no matter the obstacles!

Join her on Monday April 15th, 12:30 – 13:30 in HG0.307 to nourish both your body and mind.

Beer stock borrel (15-4-24 16:00-21:00)

Looking down below from mount Olympus, the gods felt pity on those mortals. Up in the sky they had their beloved golden nectar, while down below they had nothing. 

The gods wanted to share their delicious goods with the mortals, but did not want to seem weak and too forgiving, so they forged a plan worthy of Athena. 

They decided to commodify their nectar and put it on a stock market, so when demand went up, the people would pay more, but when demand went down, so would the prices. 

They called this beautiful plan the BetaBeursBorrel, or the Beer Stock borrel, and they will have this stockmarket on Monday, the 15th of April, in the Olympus canteens. 

Greek agora (16-4-24 12:30-16:00)

On Tuesday we will turn Huygens’ backyard into a Greek Agora. There will be food and fun activities on the terrain, the perfect time to relax from all the hard studying. From Acrogym to pole dancing and everything in between. So be sure to expand your experiences grab a drink and some food for what will certainly be a wonderfull afternoon!
Entrance will be free!

Beta Cantus (16-4-24 20:00-23:00)

Looking down from mount Olympus, Apollo and Dionysus, the gods of music and alcohol, could only feel disappointment. Mortals were no longer singing, they seemed to spend all their time studying.  

To solve this issue, Apollo decided to send down a few demigods to show these students how to live. In the evening, they will once again teach mortals what it means to sing their heart out. To add to this, Dionysus sent down some of his finest drinks, so that mortals may once again have the courage to sing. These things combined will create the Beta Cantus. 

So join the cantus of the Olympus lustrum on the 16th of April, in Carolus Magnus, for only 11 euros! 
(Alcohol free options are available see ticket add-on)

Sign-up link

Pottery painting (17-4-24 16:00-19:00)

Ever dreamt of decorating like the ancient Greeks?  Let Hephaestus, god of craftsmanship, bless you with this spectacular opportunity! For only 2 euros, you can unleash your most creative desires. Paint your epic story and decorate to your heart’s content. 

All material will be provided so you don’t even have to prepare anything! 

Sign-up link

Aphrodite’s matchmaking: speed dating for mortals
(18-4-24 12:30-15:15)

This is in the North Street!

Looking for a spark in your love life? Want a date for BeestFeest? Say goodbye to swiping and welcome to face-to-face conversations that could lead to something special. Aphrodite herself recommends you join Aphrodite’s matchmaking event on Thursday the 18th of April between 12:30 and 15:30. Sign up now and let the sparks fly! 

Beestfeest: Greece Unleashed(18-4-24 23:00-5:00)

Are you as tired after your exams as Hercules was after his 12 labours? Then BeestFeest got just the thing for you!

Join us for a mythical evening of a party worthy of the Olympians🏔. Enjoy the music inspired by the 9 muses and Apollo, the God of music himself🎶! Let yourself be taken away by the madness of Dionysus the God of wine🍇 and make this night a truly mythical spectacular✨!!!

These tickets are sold seperate. These can be found at the Beestfeest site

Brakke Brunch (19-4-24 11:00-12:30 )

To end a wonderfull week of festivities we have a special brakke brunch with some extra treats to help you recover from what can only be described as the best week of your life. So join us in the North-Canteen for a mythical Brakke Brunch.